Bug #975

Updated by Matthieu Decorde almost 6 years ago

Currently, CQP search engine cannot manage corpora with a name beginning with a digit: 0..9.

More generally, corpus names must follow a 'CQP naming policy' to be manageable by CQP.

Currently, the User Interface of corpus import or corpus load accept corpus names
that don't respect CQP naming policy.

The result is that when the import or the load is finished with success,
the corpus is available in the corpus view but is not useable by CQP.

* corpus import:
** in the import parameters window, the corpus name input field must indicate a corpus naming policy violation if the currently given corpus name doesn't respect it (for example with a red cross)
** the import process must NOT start until the corpus name doesn't respect the corpus naming policy.
* corpus load:
** the name of the corpus must be checked inside the archive. The load must abort if the name doesn't respect the corpus naming policy.

see ticket #1033 for load process changes