Feature #1008

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 5 years ago

Enhance or extend the Search CTRL + F dialog to offer a way to select/unselect some lines in a table with a REGEX.
There is maybe at least 3 useful behaviors for SWT tables selection/edition (i.e. Lexical tables) and chart entities selection:
- select only the rows matching the REGEX (remove the previously selected rows)
- unselect the rows matching the REGEX
- add the rows matching the REGEX to the previously selected rows

Actually (Actually this existent "Search" function searches but also select rows. Maybe there could be 2 commands shared by all SWT tables: "Search" (only search and scroll to table rows) and "Select" (with a combo box like "Mode" and values like "Select only rows", "Unselect rows" and "Add rows to selection"). These commands should be accessible through the tables contextual menu. selection"))