Feature #948

Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 5 years ago

The splash screen still displays "TXM 0.7.5" instead of "0.7.6 <date>"

The RCP update system does not update the splash screen image.

Solution: We need to implement our own splash screen handler.

From mail (FR):
Merci pour cette nouvelle version.
C'est totalement un détail mais sur MAC le pop qui s'affiche lors du chargement de TXM nouvelle version contient toujours 0.7.5 !

* Even if the "splash.bmp" file has changed, after an update the old splash is still shown. Implement our own splashscreen handler based on Eclpse splashscreen handler that uses an images from resources directory (instead of the current splash.bmp file). See examples:
** http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8345927/eclipse-rcp-application-custom-splash-screen
** http://www.sigasi.com/content/how-add-decorator-splash-screen-your-rcp-application
** http://tom-eclipse-dev.blogspot.fr/2007/06/splash-screen-and-threads.html