Feature #261

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 6 years ago

Some tasks of the section https://txm.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/TXM_portal_:_windows_installation_instructions_fr#installer_le_portail_TXM https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/txm/index.php?title=TXM_portal_:_windows_installation_instructions_fr#installer_le_portail_TXM could be automated and could simplify the Portal installation.

The install process could be as follows:
- Download and install TXM RCP
- Download and extract Portal archive
- Run the portable installer (developed in Java ?)
- The installer need a portable way to get the installation path of TXM RCP ('<TXM RCP install directory>')
I see 2 methods at the moment :
1) create an envionment variable during the insallation of TXM RCP
2) the installer asks the user to browse to TXM RCP directory or executable
- The installer need a portable way to get the TXM home directory
[I still need information about this.]
- The installer need a portable way to get the Tomcat installation path
(ask to user ?)

Installer asks user (at least but the list could be extend, eg. 'portal_name') :
- default_admin_pass

Then the installer does:
- copy '.TXMWEB' to <user directory>
- define 'default_admin_pass' and 'txm.properties' in '<user directory>\.TXMWEB\txmweb.conf'
- define paths in '<user directory>\.TXMWEB\txm.properties'
- try to copy .dll (and .so if needed ?) from '<TXM RCP install directory>\TXM' to '<Tomcat directory>\bin'
(For this step there may be a way to define a path to the dll in the Tomcat config rather than copying them)

Optional : configure Tomcat too, admin manager and max file size.