Feature #956

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 6 years ago

We should be able to run TXM with in multiple Mac commons ways:

- If the application's icon has been placed in the Dock, just double-click on the application to launch it
- If you have placed the Applications folder on the right side of the Dock (a nice tip for switchers to mimic the Windows Start menu), you can easily launch an application - you may have to navigate through the stack to get to the application if it is located in a folder
- If the application's icon is located in the Finder Sidebar, just click on the application to launch it
- Use Mac OS X Spotlight
- Navigate to the Applications folder in the Finder and double-click an application's icon
- In the Finder, single click on the application's icon then simultaneously press 'Command' and the letter 'o' or 'Command' and the down arrow key
- Open the Terminal utility. You will then type the 'open' command followed by either the name of the Application (if you are located in the Applications folder) or the full path to the name of the application under the Applications folder.