Task #713

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot about 6 years ago

TBX: Implement basic JFreeChart and R charts engines CAH 2D and 3D chart plotting
- for R, produce product at least the same result as TXM 0.7.5
RCP: Implement basic JFreeChart and Batik SVG charts editors (with zoom, pan and export view support)

1) implement the CAH 2D (line (lines plot based chart ? the best approach may be to use a, XY step renderer) ?) and CAH 3D (scatter plot based chart ?) chart) in JFreeChart
2) add some methods in CAH to provide better access and cache to and from the R FactoMineR result as in CA class (e.g. classe(e.g. getClusterCoords(), getHeights())
2) separate UI code from data and computing code in CAHEditor, CAHEditorInput and ComputeCAH classes
3) add the generic SWT ChartEditorPart creation for CAH with tool bar extension CAH oriented