Task #709

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 5 years ago

TBX: Implement basic JFreeChart and R charts engines
RCP: Implement basic JFreeChart and Batik SVG charts editors (with zoom, pan and export view support)

1) implement the Progression/Repartition chart in JFreeChart (define if we need lines and/or splines chart, if splines need, test and configure the splines drawing algorithm. Lines charts could be used in cumulative mode and splines for the other mode)
2) modify textometry R package to store the result before drawing it, first proposals :
- create a function to compute the result as FactoMineR model, ex : progression() return a "progression" aggregate result
- create a function to plot a result of type "progression", e.g. plot(progression)
(this splitting model could/should be used for all textometry functions)
3) fix textometry progression function to pass it external title label, axes label, etc. for multi-language support
add some methods in Repartition class to provide better access and cache to and from the R textometry result as in CA class (e.g. getDensities())