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2350 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalRCP: find out which macro is writing result in a directory27/02/2018 15:30
2347 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalGWT: X.X., Allow hiding and moving the first columns in "Texts" table and "Text selection" in corpus settings27/02/2018 14:35
2342 Plateforme TXMTaskIn ProgressNormalCharts engine, set/fix default font preference11/02/2018 18:57
2274 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalRCP: X.X, Mac OS X 10.13.0 main menu disabled15/12/2017 14:28
2267 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalRCP: X.X, add missing Analec v3.0 documentation10/10/2017 09:51
2249 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalRCP: 0.7.9, Strings translation11/09/2017 17:27
2248 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalRCP: 0.7.8, remove synopticeditor Help menu entry15/12/2017 14:28
2247 Plateforme TXMTaskNewHighRCP: X.X, third party and libraries credits07/09/2017 14:48
2232 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalDOC: previously supported OS versions installation hints07/08/2017 12:21
2226 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalConcordance, extract and move messages to plug-ins06/02/2018 17:20
2225 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalAdd loaders and/or root paths of all installed bundles in Execute Groovy commands (macro, scripts and import)27/06/2017 13:34
2222 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalConvert org.eclipse.ui.workbench to fragment16/06/2017 15:19
2221 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalConvert org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui to fragment16/06/2017 15:19
2218 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalUpgrade or change charts PDF export library13/06/2017 17:42
2217 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalTXMResult and TXMEditor hierarchy, modify Lexicon related classes to use the new hierarchy12/06/2017 14:20
2216 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalCheck and/or define the vendor of each TXM plug-in07/06/2017 14:27
2215 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalMatch the commands menu and toolbar entries order from 0.7.9 UI to 0.8 UI25/02/2018 13:55
2206 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalXTZ Import, add an option to name the build edition (and the facs edition?)18/05/2017 13:03
2204 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalXTZ Import, add an help text to explain the directory structure that must have the "Build "facs" edition" function18/05/2017 12:06
2201 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalTranslate edition current page tool tip to french16/05/2017 17:32
2191 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalDefine the txm.war version to display it in the Tomcat Manager15/05/2017 12:43
2180 Plateforme TXMTaskFeedbackNormalLexicon, extract and move messages to plug-ins04/05/2017 17:19
2171 Plateforme TXMTaskNewUrgentRCP: X.X, move all SF files and HTML files to textometrie.org28/08/2017 09:28
2165 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalRCP: X.X, translate messages25/04/2017 15:58
2161 Plateforme TXMTaskNewNormalDisable or hide the Lexical Table command on Index created from a Corpus19/04/2017 17:17

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